Bottom Grid - GBG1415SS
Bottom Grid - GBG1415SS

Specification Sheet (pdf)
Cleaning and Care Manual (pdf)
Fits bowl size 14" X 14" L: 10 11/16" W: 12 7/16" H: 1"
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days
Our Price: $50.00
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Elkay Bottom Grids Protect your sink bottom with a bottom grid custom designed to fit Dayton/Kingsford/Revere and other manufacturers sinks. The following is a list of our and other manufacturers' sinks that this bottom grid will work with:
  • ELKAY DPM2250R, CLD3322D7DG, CLD3322D8DG, D11721, D23321, D23322, DD23319, DE21732, DPM23322, DPU3118, DSE23321, DSE23322, DXR250R, DXR3322, DXUH1618, DXUH3118, DXUH312010L/R, HD114658, HD320643MP, HD342391, HD348961LF, K23321, K23322, KQ1722D6PB, KQ3322D6PB, LLB3322, LNUH3118, MCC3322, MLX33229, N21732, NBC3322, NCC3322, NCFU1618, NCFU3118, NCFU312010L/R, NE3322, NLB250, NLB3322, NLBC3322, NLBW3322, NLX25010R, NLX3322, NLX332210, NUH3118, NUH3120R, NVP33224LF, NXUH311810, NXUH312010R, PBLD3322D65SN, PBLD3322D7SN, PBLD3322D8SN, PBLS1722D7SN, PFT172273, PFT3321653, PFT3321654, PFT332263BP, PFT332264BP, PFT3322653, PFT3322654, PV36780, PV36781, PV36782, PV36783, PV36786, PV36787, PV36790, RCFU1618, RCFU3118, RCFU312010L/R, SE10048, SLPF202010, SLPF250,SLPF3322, SPUH3120R
  • BLANCO 440286
  • HOUZER 1722-7BS, 3120-8BS, 3322-6BS, 3322-7BS, 3322-7MF, 3322-8BS, 3322-8MF, 3322-9BS, A1722-7BS, A3322-65BS, EC-3208SL, EC-3208SR(SMALL BOWL), ED-3108, ISL-3322MF(SMALL BOWL), LCR-3221, MD-3109, MEC-3220SL, MEC-3220SR(SMALL BOWL), MGT-4120(LARGE BOWL), MS-1708, PGT-4322(LARGE BOWL), STD-2100, STE-2300SR (SMALL BOWL), NOD-4200
  • KINDRED DS605LNB, DS605LN,DS604NB, DS604N, DS603NB, DS603N, DS654-20NB, DS654-20N, DS653-20NB, DS653-20N, DS654NB, DS654N, DS653NB, DS653N, DS705LNB, DS705LN, DS704NB, DS704N, DS703NB, DS703N
  • KOHLER K-3180, K-3181 (SMALL BOWL), K-3371-1, K-3371-3, K-3371-4, K-3372-1,K-3372-3, K-3372-4, K-3145-4 K-R3145-4, K-3150 (LARGE BOWL), K-3150-L (LARGE BOWL), K-3336, K-3346-3, K-3346-4
  • MOEN 22212, 22213, 22218, 22219, 22234, 22236, 22238, 22257, 22317, 22318, 22351, 22357, 22358, 22395, 22396, 22821, 22826, 22827, 22867, 22239 (LARGE BOWL), 22316 (SMALL BOWL), 22359 (SMALL BOWL), 22360 (SMALL BOWL), 22397 (SMALL BOWL)
  • STERLING 11401-3-NA. 11401-4-NA, 11401-5-NA, 11402-3-NA, 11402-4-NA, 11402-5-NA, 11448-NA, 14707-3-NA,14707-4-NA, 14707-5-NA, 14708-3-NA, 14708-4-NA, 14708-5-NA, 11406-NA, 11400-3-NA, 11400-4-NA, 11400-5-NA, 11444-NA, 11445-NA 11850-3-NA, 11850-4-NA, 11850-5-NA, 11855-3-NA, 11855-4-NA